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Lesson 21 & 22: Music


Functions of music: (Why do people listen to or play music?)

  • Entertainment
  • Thrill/Excitement
  • Means of distraction
  • Motivation (e.g. running)
  • Binds a community together
  • Allows to express emotions/feelings
  • Allows others to feel intimate with each other through music/ sense of connection
  • Uplifts the mind


Definition of music:

the art or science of combining vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion he devoted his life to music.• the vocal or instrumental sound produced in this way couples were dancing to the music baroque music.• a sound perceived as pleasingly harmonious the background music of softly lapping water.


Sometimes, people listen to music that is adjusted to their mood or feeling so that they can associate with those emotions even more. For example, if someone is upset they could listen to a slow, sad song which makes them feel even more sad. Or, that same person could listen to an uplifting, upbeat song instead to change their mood and to redirect their emotion. Music has a powerful effect and influence on individuals, it allows to provoke emotions and bring back old memories (nostalgia). Not only this, but music can act as a form of entertainment, as listed in the functions of music, as well as a motivation factor. This is shown when many runners choose to run while listening to music. Music allows them to persevere and run a further distance, most likely because it acts a form of distraction.

I believe music can be appreciated, composed or performed by someone who is deaf. This belief can be supported using the musical artist Beethoven as an example. Beethoven is a very talented and a well known music composer. During his twenties, his hearing started to deteriorate and had completely lost his hearing during his mid-thirties. However, despite this, Beethoven was still able to compose impressive musical pieces. He composed his Ninth Symphony mostly in his head as he was at a stage where he was almost completely deaf. This example shows that music can be appreciated, composed and performed by anyone. Not only people who can hear. In fact, music can be  appreciated, composed and performed by birds, insects and other living beings. I say this because


Do listeners of the same music interpret it the same way? Do they make the same associations, have the same feelings.

– funerals, weddings, general yes

– complicated, heart broken, happy may be different

-forms of communication, birds

Can music be spoken and understood as a common language?

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Music from different cultures

Factors affecting individuals music perception:

  • Growing up environment
  • Friends/Family
  • Culture and background
  • Education
  • Attitude and belief towards life
  • Attitude and belief towards music
  • Personal experience


How is music related with ToK?